Here at Favored Children Academy, we provide an age-appropriate and educationally stimulating environment for children from six weeks to 12 years of age. Below is a brief description of some of the programs we offer:

thumb image(6 Weeks – 12 months): As teachers as well as mothers, infants at Favored Children Academy will receive proper care and nurturing. Infants love to look and appreciate a lot with their eyes. We will decorate their rooms with bright colored walls, pictures and toys. We will furnish and play soft music, talk to infants for sensory stimulation. Teachers will initiate a lot of interactive plays such as peekaboo and hide and seek games furnish and play soft music, talk to infants for sensory stimulation.

(12 months – 24 months): Throughout the day children are exposed to music, language, games, fine and gross motor activities. They begin learning self-help skills and some independence through feeding themselves, using cups instead of bottles, sleeping on mats, relying on security items such as pacifiers, blankets, etc. only at naptime, and social skills by interacting with their classmates and caregivers.

(24 months – 36 months): This is a big step in your child’s development. They begin to potty train with the guidance of their caregiver. With your help at home, the transition between home and school will be a smooth one. They also begin to grow and learn through dramatic play, circle time, stories, music, self-help skills, and fine and gross motor skills.

The caregivers provide a more structured learning environment for the children. The children are exposed to language, thinking, social and self-help skills through both teacher and child-directed activities. They will also work on fine motor activities to prepare them for writing. By the end of the year most will be able to write their name.

Our preschool program provides your child with an array of different experiences to prepare them for kindergarten. Through field trips, circle time, music, art center time, and teacher directed activities. Your child will grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically while having fun doing it.

School Age
Through our program, we provide before and after school care that incorporates the same skill required of all children within the state, except with a smaller class size. We incorporate field trips, holiday parties programs that offer computer assistance and homework assistance. Another benefit to this program is knowing that your child is in good hands until you can pick him or her up at the end of the day.

* All our programs incorporate take home sheets or daily notebook reports that provide parents with information regarding their child’s daily experiences.

DROP-IN CHILDCARE: You can drop off your child during normal hours of operation for a fee of $8.00 per hour, $4.00 per hour for each additional child.

PARENT PLAY DATE: Parents can enjoy a play-date with their child at Favored Children Academy facilities for a fee of $8.00 per hour, $4.00 per hour per hour for each additional child. Accompanying children 1 year and under are free.

Favored Children Academy KID’S CLUB: After school care for children in grades K-6. Favored Children Academy staff will provide your child homework help and snacks to aid in the transition from school to their evening routines.

Favored Children Academy KID’S CLUB MOVIE NIGHT: Favored Children Academy offers parents a night off twice a month. Drop your child off for a night of kid friendly movies & snacks on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Enjoy your Date Night!

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